Odd Mack Staff Facts:

From: Air Combat Command

Mrs. Staley, a Mack Broadcast and 7th Grade English teacher, was a television news reporter and anchor in Boise, Idaho.

Ms. V., a Mack 6th Grade English teacher, has been a Sunday School Director for about 5 years and has been in a couple of TV commercials. She loves sports though may not know all the rules about them.

Miss Willis, a Mack Art teacher, used to work at Walt Disney World in Florida, has visited 46 states (missing Maine, Connecticut, Vermont, and Rhode Island), has been on 4 continents, and lived and studied abroad in both Peru and Greece.

Mr. Migoni, a Mack PE teacher, won the FUTP60 Hometown Hero Grant for $10,000 and has Tesla supporting our hydroponics plant growing project. He is planning to create a Kids Cook Show at Mack in the spring.

Ms. Washington runs her own beauty products business.

Mack Club Fun

By: Diamond G.

I am in the Flag Football Club. We practice and then we go after school and get on a bus to drive to our way games. We play against other middle schools on weekday evenings. During our last game, the boy’s team killed it! They won by nearly 30 points. The club practices after school every day, except Friday, at 2:30 in the lunchroom, and then we head to the gym.

By: Dayzon & Dai’zah F.

We are in the Basketball Club. It is run by Ms. Wynn, a former professional basketball player. We meet after school every day, except Friday, at 2:30 in the lunchroom. We like that our coach pushes us and tells us the stuff we should know. We have been practicing hard and our games will be after Thanksgiving. We have a warning though, you have to keep your grades up to be able to play.

By: Ulises M.

I am in the soccer club. We meet on Monday and Wednesday, at 2:30 in the lunchroom. First, we train with Ms. Wynn for 30 minutes, and then right after we go and go to our coach Ms. Villatoro or Ms. Ibara. We usually just play scrimmages. Our official season does not start until March but, we keep training and adding new students to our team.

By: Gustavo L.

I am planning to join the Hip Hop Club because people keep recommending it to me. Students are singing and creating their own music. It is a fun atmosphere and meets every Thursday.

Other clubs include Robotics on Monday and Wednesday. Discovery Club on Mondays. Cheer and Dance meet Monday through Wednesday. Fuel Up To Play, Art and Pop Culture clubs meet Tuesday and Thursday. Gardening is on Wednesday.

Students Sound Off

We are excited about the food and prizes, and really want to see the haunted part of the art corridor.

Mylia & Isabella

I think we should get to wear everything and anything we want to express ourselves.

Dai’zah, Yasmin & Julio

The lunch teachers should not punish other students due to other peopleĀ“s actions. Innocent kids should have their free time at lunch because they need to stretch.

Dayzon F.

About the lunch lockdown, teachers think that if we have it locked down then it will stop fights and I agree. The lunch lockdown is when people have to sit with their grade so if you were in 5 grade then you will have to sit with the other 5 graders at that table. They don’t want to do this but with all the fights that are happening, they just want to make sure we’re all safe.


Good News: This Year’s Race for Hope Sets Donation Record

Jeriel J. wants to let you know…

The Annual Race for Hope 5k, put on by the Grant a Gift Autism Foundation, has been more successful than ever. It has been going on every year right here in Las Vegas for more than a decade. Covid-19 transformed the 5k into a virtual event and it is going better than ever.


-Grant A Gift Website

According to the Foundation, “Over 350 people ran, walked, biked, and hiked wherever they happened to be to help children and teens with autism live healthy, successful, and amazing lives.”

Now there is a cool resource for those with autism and their families.

National Autism Awareness Month

The life of an autistic person šŸ§©

By: Jeriel J.

In 2020, the CDC reported that approximately 1 in 54 children in the U.S. is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. What people think about an autistic person is sometimes that he or she who has autism is strange or needs to go somewhere where they keep crazy people.

Let me tell you, you don’t know the intelligence and heart of an autistic person. Just imagine, maybe that autistic person can play the piano beautifully or do math very well.  They may have an outstanding IQ or the spirit of a true leader. Sadly though, often people don’t get a chance to discover these talents. In fact, most of the time this autistic person is lonely, and does not have anyone to share this talent with. Most of the time they need someone.

Imagine this autistic person tries to get along with someone at school and that other person instead bullies that autistic person,  and everyone in the school laughs, hits, or says negative things to this autistic person. Imagine after school, this autistic person goes into his or her room and gets this deep feeling of stress and sadness.

In the school district of Nevada, there have been many cases of bullying a child or an adolescent with autism. I have seen this because when I was a  6th grader, at lunch,  I’d always keep seeing many 8th graders bully a girl with autism.  SheĀ“d be hurt and the 8th graders would call her names about her condition.

My explanation for my evidence is that when I see this issue of bullying the person needs help. The person that is bullying that autistic person does not understand what that autistic person is trying to say.  People bully because they do not like how the autistic person is acting and it’s heartbreaking.

The meaning of school is to be kind to others and be nice to others. Even though you don’t like that person, you have to be kind to others.

The people who have been bullied have killed themselves, acting not how they are inside. We need to help avoid that and it’s as simple as using your kindness to help.

If you are a bully, you have to stop with that anger and cruelty.

Stop the fighting and start acting like the people we can be. We are here to help the community of Las Vegas. We need to bring joy to our community with the help of everyone.

We have to treat others with respect and with kindness. Even if that person has autism or can’t talk, you should help them. Autistic people are smart and intelligent. They can help you too. You can make them your friends if they want. If not, at least just be kind.

Here are some links to check for more information to stop the bullying of autistic people:

LinkĀ“s to know about autismšŸ§©

Blooket Fun

Blooket is so much fun! There are different ways you can play. There are also many topics you can choose from based on your interests. Some of my favorites are Gold quest, Factory, and Santas workshop. You could check it out or join your teachers game at : https://www.blooket.com/

Great Blookets to play are jokes, random facts, and weird laws. Other top Blookets are “What’s that Minecraft mob?”, “Name that video game” and “Who’s that Marvel character?”.

Let us know what you think…

Crazy Disney Conspiracy Theories

By: Shelinda & Rosalia

Hey guys have you heard there are some crazy Disney conspiracyĀ theoriesĀ out there? Here goes a few…

Ā Elsa and AnnaĀ are actually related to Tarzan. Their mom was pregnant when they left on the ship that night. They were told that they died in a shipwreck. But they survivedĀ and landed on an islandĀ where they had Tarzan. But, they were shortly killed by the leopards. Which makes Tarzan Elsa and Anna’s brother.Ā 

Anna, Elsa, and Rapunzel are actually cousins. The king and the queen are actually half-siblings. Around the time Rupanzel got kidnapped because of her powers, Elsa’s powers came in and the king feared the same thing would happen. He went to Corona to find a cure. As you can see in the photo below, Rapunzel is seen in the movie Frozen maybe to mourn her aunt and uncle. Do you think RapunzelĀ is Anna and Elsa’s cousin?

Screenshot 2021-02-18 at 5.48.08 PM.png

Peter Pan was a deranged psychopath who tricked and trapped little kids in Neverland. He killed them after they grew up, which is why they could not leave as adults. CaptainĀ Hook escaped Neverland as an adult, which explains why Peter Pan attacked Hook and fed his arm to a crocodile. This whole time was Peter Pan the bad guy?

What do you think of our crazy Disney conspiracy theories? Did we get any right?

The Vaccine Rundown

By: Shelinda Edwards

This is a topic maybe you guys are curious about, what you need to know about the vaccine. I’m here to help you know more. Here go a few answers to questions about the Covid 19 vaccine.

The main question we are going to answer today is:

How does the vaccine work?Ā The vaccine delivers a tiny package to your immune system. It creates antibodies that help your body fight against the virus when you come in contact with it.Ā 

When is it my turn?Ā The vaccineĀ depends on your age and if you qualifyĀ for it. They have not made a vaccineĀ for children yet. They are starting to test vaccinating kids. There could be a vaccine for kids by late summer or early fall.

How does people getting vaccinated work? The processĀ of getting the vaccine is very easy. It’s kinda like getting a flu shotĀ  There is nothing new or different about it.

Top 10 New Songs To Stream From Home

For the love of K-pop! There are so many awesome things about K-pop. It is visuals, vocals, and rap artists. It is all super cool. Anything you can get in American music you can get in K-pop. It helps with the appreciation, rather than what we know as everyday life, it exposes us to another culture. You can learn through music to better understand others.

By: Maliyah J.

Blue Hour – TXT

Let Me In – Enhypen

ģžģœ ė¹„ķ–‰ – Dvwn

Crush – MCND

Last Piece – Got7

Fav Boyz (feat. Thutmose) [Steve Aoki’s Gold Star Remix]


ė§‰ė‚“ģ˜Øķƒ‘(maknae on top) – I.N(feat. Bangchan and Changbin)

ģ˜¤ėžœė§Œģ“ģ•¼ (Never Let You Go) – AleXa

Numb (Original. Linkin Park) – (ATEEZ) Hongjoong

Some extras for BTS Fans:

https://ibighit.com/ is the Official site for Bighit Entertainment

BTS most recent MV is Life Goes On.

for more information about BTS click here